The City

Zaanstad is by far the largest municipality in the Zaan region and consists of six towns and one city: Zaandam.

The region is known as one of the oldest industrial areas of Europe but is also characterized by a village atmosphere. The area lies adjacent to Amsterdam at the top of the Randstad, the transition to rural Ontario.

The Zaandam has therefore many contradictions as modern and historical, urban and landscape, grand and intimate, but most colorful. The tradition of centuries of immigration has the most nationalities in the Netherlands Zaanstad: 187. To this colorful city to discover the historical line of about 1300 so it's best you walk through an expert to carry it.Wapen van Zaanstad


In particular, Zaandam has many hidden beauties through a historic walk can be strung together into a compelling narrative.

It is no coincidence that so many illustrious greats such as Napoleon, Claude Monet or Vladimir Putin visited the city, but most to the imagination, of course, the residence of Tsar Peter the Great in 1697.


Outside Zaandam are beautiful village scenes found in places like Zaandijk Westzaan or Krommenie. The area is also ideal for exploring by bicycle to which the Government Agency's policy cycle increasing priority.

Zaanstad Travel Guide offers you the opportunity to the area of your choice to discover. Czar Peter the Tour shows you the hidden treasures of the center of Zaandam and let see where the places in correct Dutch, the Emperor lived, worked and went to the hairdresser.


A stroll through the beautiful wooden ceremonial Zaandijk shows the unique facades of merchant houses look, with its beautifully carved doors and skylights, full of symbolism and sometimes overlooking a beautiful sculpture garden. You can use a ferry crossing to the ancient Kalverringdijk where as before mighty windmills waving their wings. Optionally take a boat back to Zaandam and goes some way north to the Zaan Curve in Worms, with its impressive industrial wall and compelling retail offer.

Zaanstad Guide provides or offers to tailor general long your needs.